1. 17 May, 2011 1 commit
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      Add per-experiment switch support. · ea496d44
      David Johnson authored
      Per-experiment switch stacks only come into being if the experiment
      actually has a switch allocated to it.  If not, tbswap and snmpit
      should function unchanged.  If there is a per-experiment stack that needs
      configuration, we first invoke normal snmpit in the normal place, but we
      use the new snmpit option `--skip-supplied' in combination with -S to skip
      the per-experiment stack.  We then configure the per-experiment stack by
      itself with -S after os_setup has completed.
      There are some new functions in the db backend stuff to create, modify,
      and remove per-experiment switches.
      There is some new code in snmpit to do the --skip-supplied filtering.  I
      also put all the -S, -i, and --skip-supplied stuff into portstats...
      because we also can't call portstats on a per-experiment switch in tbswap;
      otherwise it will hang and/or fail.
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      Deal with non-numeric OIDs. · 5db62fc4
      Mike Hibler authored
      If a counter returns a non-numeric value, then treat it as zero and print
      a warning.  Most likely these are OIDs that are unimplemented.
      It will only warn once per device per OID, but even that might get tedious
      so warnings can be turned off entirely with a global variable.
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      · 45f997fd
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      Updates to to Error Logging API Code.
      You should start seeing much better error messages coming from my
      system.  Errors coming from parse.proxy and assign (the two most
      frequent sources of errors) should now be concise and to the point.
      Errors coming from libosload/libreboot (the next most frequent source
      of errors) should now also be much better, but not perfect.  Getting
      perfect errors will likely a rework of how errors are handled in
      libosload/libreboot, just adding tberror/tbwarn/tbnotice calls is not
      enough.  I can do this at a latter date if necessary.
      A few minor database changes.
      Some changes to the API.  A few bug fixes. Lots of tberror/tbwarn/tbnotice
      added to scripts.
      Since assign is a C program, and at this time my API is perl only, I wrote a
      second wrapper around assign, assign_wrapper2.  When assign fails errors are
      now parsed in assign_wrapper2, sent to stderr and logged.  This means that
      RunAssign() just returns when assign fails rather than echoing some of
      assign.log output and then quiting.  The output to the activity log remains
      Since "parse.proxy" is run from ops I couldn't use my API in it, even though
      it is a perl program.  Instead I parse the errors coming form it in
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      Added 'relative' port counting. We store counters in the databse, and · 4d4813cb
      Robert Ricci authored
      subtract that out form the numbers obtained from the switch.  So, we
      have a new option to 'zero' (store current values) of counters.  This
      is intended to be used at experiment swapin, but can also be used by
      experimenters whenever they want.
      Along with this, the following new options:
      -z    Zero out counts for selected counters, after printing
      -q    Quiet: don't actually print counts - useful with -z
      -c    Print absolute, rather than relative, counts
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