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    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      More work on image permissions; allow specification of pid/osname in · cfc9612a
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      NS files. Tweak permission check in Geni CM to also allow this,
      although at this time only global images from any project are allowed.
      The virt_nodes table has been changed to accommodate pid/osname
      	tb-set-node-os $nodeA somepid/someos
      Note: we are really exporting permission to use images, not entries in
      the os_info table (OSIDs) which is what the NS parser and protogeni CM
      are using. But in fact, an image is both an image descriptor and an OS
      descriptor linked together, so if you export an image or make it
      global, you are implicitly doing the same for the OS descriptor. As
      mentioned many times in the past, OSIDs suck.
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    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Revert "Adjust the set of unix gids used for a download server." · baba7478
      Mike Hibler authored
      This reverts commit fc89eb38.
      Checked in a bunch of crap that was unrelated.
    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Adjust the set of unix gids used for a download server. · fc89eb38
      Mike Hibler authored
      When downloading an image, start the frisbeed process with the minimum set of
      gids necessary to access the image. This includes the unix gid of the
      project that the image is in and, optionally, the unix gid of the project
      subgroup if the image is part of one.
      Previously, we just use the gid set of the uid of the swapper of the
      experiment. Not only was this excessive, but it might also not include the
      gids needed in the case of a "global" image that is not in the world-readable
      /usr/testbed/images directory.
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    • Keith Sklower's avatar
      After DETER was recently upgraded to FreeBSD8.2 (with corresponding · 069b8ae0
      Keith Sklower authored
      ports) we noticed that there was an incompatible change in
      p5-RPC-XML-0.65 (from 7.2) and -0.76 (from 8.2).
      Formerly, RPC::XML::Parser() was OK with parsing only suitably
      encoded arguments rather than entire MethodRequest or MethodResponse;
      now it throws an error.
      We've tested the following (2 + 1) line patches on FreeBSD7.2 and
      know them to be backwards compatibile there, and highly suspect it will
      be OK for 6.3, although we don't have the means of generating a 6.3
      e-in-e anymore.
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