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Outline for evolving design&impl/TR/paper on Emulab portal to Plab.

How it works and what it offers, to start.  Don't wory about
making it slick.  Will serve to help ourselves understand
and keep on top of of its design.
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Evolving design_document/techreport/paper on Emulab's frontend to Planetlab.
It will start as mostly "features" and "design/implemenation",
with the design/impl being an informal account of how
it works, as an internals document for us.
That will be releasable/public.
It will evolve into a TR, also releasable.
Then some version of it will evolve into a real paper
(with eval, more spin, etc).
Title: Emulab's PlanetLab Backend
% Emulab's Portal to PlanetLab
Also describe it in terms of ``services'', from llp's 10/03 slide
His service taxonomy:
Slice == Experiment Portal
Create expt/slice
Resource Discovery [w/ Monitoring Service]
Resource Allocation
Boot Slice [w/ Environment Service]
Maintain expt/slice
Software Upgrades [w/ Environment Service]
Monitor Health [w/ Monitoring Service]
Project membership
*Control expt/slice
* = Not in llp's taxonomy; Elab-only
As of 10/03 Plab people were developing; did not have anything:
Environment Service
Monitoring Service
Resource allocation
[for first version, probably keep design and impl together, for
ease of brain-dumping]
-Assign and node selection
-SW distrib and update (state mgmt, hierarchical)
-Startup commands
(Wide-area event system)
Integration with rest of Elab's design and code
dslice perf
PLC/NM perf
%%%%% See file ``Outline''
% Why don't get date out?
\documentclass[twocolumn, 10pt]{article}
% \documentclass[twocolumn,11pt]{article}
% override some cheating in pgformat to match OSDI/USENIX requirements
% Make title bold and 14 pt font (Latex default is non-bold, 16 pt)
% {\LARGE \bf D R A F T}\\[1ex]
\title{Emulab's PlanetLab Backend}
% Emulab's Portal to PlanetLab
% Also describe it in terms of ``services''
\input{impl} % Implementation
Integration with rest of Elab's design and code
dslice perf
PLC/NM perf
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