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Commit b502fd8a authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Fix up the DB state that is expected. There were a bunch of things

parent 4ae56eb6
......@@ -19,15 +19,15 @@ tb_compare("select vname,delay,bandwidth,lossrate,member from virt_lans" .
["0: 1:","node4","pc"],
["0: 1:","node4","pc"],
tb_compare("select ips,vname,type from virt_nodes" .
" where pid=\"testbed\" and eid=\"test\"",\@result);
@result = (
["0: 1:","MYOS","my command line","my node rpms","deltas!","my node startup","dira tara:dirb tarb:dirc tarc","nonfatal","pc"], );
tb_compare("select ips,osname,cmd_line,rpms,deltas,startupcmd,tarfiles,failureaction,type" .
["0: 1:","MYOS","my command line","/my;/node;/rpms","my node startup","/dira /tara;/dirb /tarb;/dirc /tarc","nonfatal","pc"], );
tb_compare("select ips,osname,cmd_line,rpms,startupcmd,tarfiles,failureaction,type" .
" from virt_nodes where pid=\"testbed\" and eid=\"test\"" .
" and vname=\"node4\"",\@result);
tb_run("tbswap in",0);
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