Commit aceabe77 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Early version of a tool to delta-fy intermediate versions of an image.

parent 0e5195f0
......@@ -48,14 +48,14 @@ SBIN_SCRIPTS = vlandiff vlansync withadminprivs export_tables \
archive-expinfo grantfeature emulabfeature addblob readblob \
prereserve grantimage getimages localize_mfs \
management_iface sharevlan check-shared-bw \
addspecialdevice addspecialiface imagehash clone_image \
addvpubaddr imageinfo imagevalidate ctrladdr image_import \
addspecialdevice addspecialiface addvpubaddr ctrladdr \
imagehash clone_image imageinfo imagevalidate image_import \
image_import-new imagetodir imagecompress \
prereserve_check tcppd addexternalnetwork \
update_sitevars delete_image sitecheckin sitecheckin_client \
mktestbedtest fixrootcert addservers poolmonitor \
node_exclude managetaint shutdown-shared imagerelease \
runsonxen pxelinux_makeconf imagetodir attend atten \
runsonxen pxelinux_makeconf attend atten
WEB_SBIN_SCRIPTS= webnewnode webdeletenode webspewconlog webarchive_list \
webwanodecheckin webspewimage webdumpdescriptor \
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