Commit 6cd792e9 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Install the cache cleaner on subboss nodes.

parent 63dded5d
......@@ -70,6 +70,8 @@ LIBEXEC_SCRIPTS = spewleds webcopy spewsource webcvsweb xlogin webviewvc \
CTRLSBIN_SCRIPTS= opsdb_control.proxy daemon_wrapper ec2import.proxy \ GrubConf.rb export-template-remote.rb
SBSBIN_SCRIPTS= daemon_wrapper subboss_cacheclean
# These scripts installed setuid, with sudo.
SETUID_BIN_SCRIPTS = create_image
SETUID_SBIN_SCRIPTS = grabwebcams checkquota spewconlog opsdb_control suchown \
......@@ -83,10 +85,10 @@ SETUID_SUEXEC_SCRIPTS = xlogin
# configure if the .in file is changed.
firstuser setbuildinfo
$(SUBDIRS) firstuser setbuildinfo
subboss: daemon_wrapper
subboss: $(SBSBIN_SCRIPTS)
include $(TESTBED_SRCDIR)/GNUmakerules
......@@ -107,7 +109,7 @@ install: $(addprefix $(INSTALL_BINDIR)/, $(BIN_SCRIPTS)) \
boss-install: install
subboss-install: $(INSTALL_SBINDIR)/daemon_wrapper
subboss-install: $(addprefix $(INSTALL_SBINDIR)/, $(SBSBIN_SCRIPTS))
chown root $(INSTALL_SBINDIR)/grabwebcams
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