Commit 500882bd authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Fix Docker hosts file generation for SHAREDHOST().

parent e68f9b5f
......@@ -5799,8 +5799,16 @@ sub genhostspairlist($$)
# First see if we have a topo file; we can generate our own hosts
# file if we do, saving a lot of load on tmcd in big experiments.
# NB: for a dedicated host, genhostslistfromtopo is really reading
# /var/emulab/boot/topomap, not the VM's copy of that! Thus we
# always take the second (slow) path for the SHAREDHOST case,
# because in that case the hosts's topomap is irrelevant. None of
# this is desireable, but it's what we've got for now. Plus, shared
# container experiments are not going to be large, so this is only
# minor overhead.
my $mapfile = "$VMS/$vnode_id/hostmap";
if (genhostslistfromtopo($mapfile,\@tmccresults) < 0 &&
if ((SHAREDHOST() || genhostslistfromtopo($mapfile,\@tmccresults) < 0) &&
tmcc(TMCCCMD_HOSTS,undef,\@tmccresults) < 0) {
warn("Could not get hosts file from server!");
@$rptr = ();
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