Commit 4f688fe5 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Merge branch 'master' into 'master'

Added default USER, HOME, and PATH environment var

See merge request emulab-devel!38
parents 9e31394c d6075931
......@@ -4344,11 +4344,11 @@ sub analyzeImageWithBusyboxCommand($$$@)
if (defined($outputref)) {
if (ref($$outputref) eq 'ARRAY') {
$$outputref = split("\n",$buf);
if (ref($outputref) eq 'ARRAY') {
@$outputref = split("\n",$buf);
else {
$$outputref = $buf;
$outputref = $buf;
......@@ -5050,8 +5050,47 @@ sub emulabizeImage($;$$$$$$$$$)
print $runitfile "\n";
print $runitfile "# This is an automatically generated runit file based on the docker image's entrypoint and cmd\n\n";
my $dockeruser;
my $dockerenvironmentvars;
$dockeruser = $iattrs{DOCKER_USER};
# we need to make sure user, home, and path are properly
# initialized so anything happening inside the startup command
# doesn't unexpectedly fail
if ($dockeruser ne "") {
print $runitfile "export USER=";
print $runitfile $dockeruser;
print $runitfile "\n";
print $runitfile "export ";
my @retlines;
my $rc = analyzeImageWithBusyboxCommand($image,{},\@retlines,"env");
for my $line (@retlines) {
if (substr($line, 0, index($line, '=')) eq "HOME") {
print $runitfile $line;
print $runitfile "\n";
else {
print $runitfile "export USER=root\n";
print $runitfile "export HOME=/root\n";
print $runitfile "export PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin";
print $runitfile ':$PATH';
print $runitfile "\n";
my ($pid,$eid,$vname) = check_nickname();
my ($DOMAINNAME,undef) = tmccbossinfo();
my $longdomain = "${eid}.${pid}.${DOMAINNAME}";
my $hostname = "$vname.$longdomain";
print $runitfile "export HOSTNAME=";
print $runitfile $hostname;
print $runitfile "\n\n\n";
# let's add in all the environment variables in the Dockerfile
if (exists($iattrs{DOCKER_ENV})) {
$dockerenvironmentvars = $iattrs{DOCKER_ENV};
foreach my $elem (@$dockerenvironmentvars) {
......@@ -5079,7 +5118,6 @@ sub emulabizeImage($;$$$$$$$$$)
my $dockerentrypoint;
my $dockercmd;
my $dockeruser;
my $dockerworkingdir;
if ($iattrs{DOCKER_WORKINGDIR} ne "") {
......@@ -5087,15 +5125,13 @@ sub emulabizeImage($;$$$$$$$$$)
print $runitfile "cd ";
print $runitfile $dockerworkingdir;
print $runitfile "\n\n";
$dockeruser = $iattrs{DOCKER_USER};
print $runitfile "if [ ! -f /etc/emulab/docker/dockercmd ]; then\n";
print $runitfile "exec ";
# if the user for the container is specified otherwise
# if the user for the container is specified
# need to run it as that user
if ($dockeruser ne "") {
print $runitfile "sudo -u ";
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