Commit 496d7a67 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb

Deal in mebibytes directly instead of bytes.

Working with big integers in TCL is more trouble than it's worth.
parent 995d700d
......@@ -94,22 +94,16 @@ Blockstore instproc set-type {newtype} {
Blockstore instproc set-size {newsize} {
set mindisksize [expr pow(2,20)]; # 1 MiB
set mindisksize 1; # 1 MiB
# Convert various input size strings to bytes.
set convsize [convert_to_bytes $newsize]
# Convert various input size strings to mebibytes.
set convsize [convert_to_mebi $newsize]
# Do some boundary checks.
if { $convsize < $mindisksize } {
perror "\[set-size] $newsize is smaller than allowed minimum (1 MiB)"
if { $convsize % $mindisksize } {
puts stderr "*** WARNING: \[set-size] blockstore size will be rounded down to the nearest MiB"
# Convert to MiB
set convsize [expr $convsize >> 20]
$self set size $convsize
......@@ -628,27 +628,27 @@ proc parse_delay {dspec} {
return [expr int($val)]
# convert_to_bytes
# convert_to_mebi
# This takes a data size specifier in the form of <amt><unit> where
# <unit> is any of [B, KB, KiB, MB, MiB, GB, GiB, TB, TiB]. If no
# unit is given then bytes (B) is assumed. It returns the size
# in bytes. Data sizes in bits (lowercase b) are not handled (yet).
proc convert_to_bytes {size} {
# in Mebibytes. Data sizes in bits (lowercase b) are not handled (yet).
proc convert_to_mebi {size} {
# Default to bytes
if {[scan $size "%f%s" sz unit] == 1} {
set unit B
switch -- $unit {
B {set val $sz}
KB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(10,3))]}
KiB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(2,10))]}
MB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(10,6))]}
MiB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(2,20))]}
GB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(10,9))]}
GiB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(2,30))]}
TB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(10,12))]}
TiB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(2,40))]}
B {set val [expr int($sz / pow(2,20))}
KB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(10,3) / pow(2,20))]}
KiB {set val [expr int($sz / pow(2,10))]}
MB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(10,6) / pow(2,20))]}
MiB {set val [expr int($sz)]}
GB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(10,9) / pow(2,20))]}
GiB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(2,10))]}
TB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(10,12) / pow(2,20))]}
TiB {set val [expr int($sz * pow(2,20))]}
default {
perror "Unknown size unit $unit."
set val 0
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