Commit 3448d568 authored by Leigh Stoller's avatar Leigh Stoller

Change to SetSliceExpiration(); if the slice is already set to the

requested expiration, no need to do anything, including the permission
parent eaf964ac
......@@ -7349,6 +7349,15 @@ sub SetSliceExpiration($$$$@)
else {
$when = $slice_expires;
# The slice is already set correctly, skip the rest of this. This
# avoids an issue with ticket update, whereby the extra permission
# credential is not supplied.
my $current_slice_expiration = str2time($slice->expires());
if (defined($current_slice_expiration) &&
$current_slice_expiration == $when) {
print STDERR "Expiration does not need to be set\n";
return 0;
my $diff = $when - time();
if ($diff < (60 * 5)) {
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