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    Updated nse.patch,tbnexthop.{cc,h} with all the recent nse changes. · fc580b5a
    Shashi Guruprasad authored
    tbnexthop.{cc,h} now contains setsockopts to install "ipfw fwd" rules.
    <netinet/ip_fw.h> has changed from FBSD 4.3 to 4.5 . Because boss has 4.3,
    compiling ipfw code on boss and running it on an experimental
    node doesn't work. Therefore, I now have a cvs checked in local copy of
    the 4.5 version of the file.
    nseinput.tcl now finds the CPU cycle speed from /var/run/dmesg.boot and
    passes the info to nse's RT scheduler which keeps track of real time
    using the TSC. The same info can be obtained by PERFMON ioctls but the
    kernel boot time measurement of the cpu cycle speed is more accurate than
    what perfmon can report
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