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    Variable netmask changes (replace NETMASK constant with netmask field · b3d0140d
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    from the virt_routes table for each lan). I had to add a hash to store
    that for each lan, as well as another has to map a node:port back to
    the lan so I could find the mask (this is needed in the code that adds
    host routes for all the interfaces of a dst, which requires knowing
    the mask. The mask has to carried along in the "packed" structures
    that Shashi is using to save space.
    Note, I have not changed the edgenode optimization code, which has a netmask wired in. The edgenode stuff is turned off, so I
    will wait until I hear from Shashi (and the new images are installed,
    which is required to make that work anyway).
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