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    Re-arrange batch system front-end to match Web UI behavior · 170b1ddb
    Kirk Webb authored
    * autoswap time and idleswap time defaults are inherited from the
      associated sitevars.
     - "general/autoswap_threshold", and "idle/threshold", respectively
    * autoswap default state follows associated sitevar ("general/autoswap_mode").
    * Any user-requested autoswap duration is checked against the
      "general/autoswap_ max" sitevar.
     - Admins can override.
    * Any user-requested idleswap duration is checked against the "idle/threshold"
     - Admins can override.
    * Disabling swapping (-S option) is prohibited, except by admins.
    * Removed all special-case checks for requests coming via the XMLRPC server.
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