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__TWiki permissions explained__
	* The default permissions for Emulab project Wikis is that
          *only members of your project can access (read and write) the wiki.*
          Guest users and people outside your project will not be able to
          read/write your project pages.
	* Your TWiki [[%WIKIUSERNAME%][homepage]] has the same default
	* If you want to allow a specific Wiki user to access (read/write)
          your project Wiki, add their TWiki.WikiName to
          (Click on the link, and then use _edit_ button in the upper left).
        * If you want to make your Project wiki *world readable*, edit the
          WebPreferences file, and clear the ALLOWWEBVIEW and NOSEARCHALL
        * If you want to make your Project wiki *world writable*, also
          clear the ALLOWWEBCHANGE variable.
        * You should leave the ALLOWWEBRENAME, ALLOWTOPICCHANGE, and
          ALLOWTOPICRENAME variables (WebPreferences) alone.
	* More details (then you could possibly want) can be found in the
          TWiki.TWikiAccessControl page.