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      Debug: special treatment for the mike-uuid. · e4f7fb2f
      Mike Hibler authored
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      A couple of tweaks to default named config that we install on new nodes · 82086802
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      (including the MEs and FEs and geni racks and ...):
      * Move the also-notify statement from top level into the external view.
        I noticed when I had debugging on the Mothership, that we are getting
        gobs of notifies for the 172 zones (16 of them) from all over the
        place over and over, which the Mothership just ignores. This was bad
        for two reasons; 1) it was exploding the debug file, and 2) it was
        tripping the "quota" for the actual zones that need to be transferred,
        so those were deferred for several minutes. This was especially
        annoying while I was debugging cause the zone I cared about was always
        at the end and deferred. Cue the thumb twiddling.
        OK, but this did not work, all those notifies kept getting sent. Turns
        out we also need a "notify explicit" at top level to turn of automatic
        notify of all zones to the masters.
      * For the ME/FEs I added a super hack to make sure that the special
        internal network is served by the internal view. I need
        to generalize this at some point.
      * Add a commented out logging section so I do not have rediscover the
        syntax next time I have to drop into this pit of hell.
      And with all of that, the original problem that sent me down this road
      was still not solved. That is another tale that needs to be told, stay
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