1. 25 Oct, 2004 1 commit
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      Minor side-track: when Jay asked for frisbee numbers I noticed that our · def95827
      Mike Hibler authored
      times have gotten worse since the USENIX paper.  Turns out we were operating
      at lower BW than the paper (62/Mb sec vs. 70Mb) due to clock granularity.
      The disk was falling idle too much.  Cranked it back up to 72Mb/sec for
      "standard" (/usr/testbed) images.  Actually lowered it to about 54Mb/sec
      for "user" images that have to be read across NFS (/proj).
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      Make Frisbee.Redux live: · d08b5e41
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      * Add appropriate goo to os/GNUMakefile so that Frisbee daemon is
        built and installed.
      * Rework the frisbee launcher slightly. Aside from little changes
        (send email to tbops when frisbeed dies, new cmdline syntax to
        frisbeed), allow for frisbeed to exit gracefully after a period of
        inactivity (no client requests for 30 minutes, at present). In order
        to prevent a race condition with a new client being added (and
        rebooted) and frisbeed terminating before the client gets started,
        add a load_busy indicator to the images table (next to load_address
        slot) and set that to one each time to frisbeelauncher is invoked.
        When frisbeed exits, test and clear that bit atomically (lock
        tables) and go around another time (restart frisbeed for another 30
        minute period).
      * Rework waitmode in os_load. Wait for all of the nodes to finish at
        once, and track which nodes never finish. Retry those nodes again by
        rebooting. The number of retries is configurable in the script, and
        is currently set to one. This should take care of some PXE boot
        related problems, although obviously not all.
      * Got rid of -w option to os_load and made waitmode the default. The
        -s option can be used to start a reload, but not to wait for it to
      * Minor changes to sched_reload and reload_daemon; pass in -s option
        to os_load.
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      New script: frisbeelauncher · b26a78d3
      Robert Ricci authored
      Manages the launching of new frisbee servers, and recording the
      addresses the use in the database. If called for an image that is
      already associated with a running server, exits quitely. Otherwise,
      registers the new server's address and goes into the background, waiting
      for the frisbee server to die so that it can unregister the address.