1. 17 Jun, 2004 6 commits
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      Add a usemodelnet slot to the experiments table to indicate · b6707a07
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
             that an experiment prefers to use modelnet for traffic shaping.
             At some future time maybe we can mix modelnet with delay nodes,
             but please do not hold your breath waiting.
      	alter table experiments add usemodelnet tinyint(1) NOT NULL \
      		default '0' after useprepass;
             Add modelnet_cores and modelnet_edges variables to hold user
             tunable number of physical core nodes and edge nodes to throw
             at a virtual topology.
      	alter table experiments add modelnet_cores tinyint(4) unsigned \
      		NOT NULL default '0' after usemodelnet;
              alter table experiments add modelnet_edges tinyint(4) unsigned \
      		NOT NULL default '0' after modelnet_cores;
             Add ismodelnet and isphantom slots to node_types table. ismodelnet
             is set for modelnet nodes (which are also going to be isvirt).  Add
             isphantom to mark nodes that do no get underlying physical nodes;
             there will be an entry in the reserved table but no entries in the
             nodes table. Initially, modelnet virtual nodes will all be phantoms.
             Will possibly change later.
      	alter table node_types add ismodelnet tinyint(1) NOT NULL \
      		default '0' after isvirtnode;
      	alter table node_types add isphantom tinyint(1) NOT NULL \
      		default '0' after ismodelnet;
             Not sure that isphantom is going to work cause of the number of
             queries that join reserved with the nodes table. I might end up
             making nodes dynamic instead, creating and detroying them on the
             fly. I would prefer that isphantom works, but I am willing to live
             with isdynamic since we can use that for all of our virtual nodes.
      	alter table node_types add isdynamic tinyint(1) NOT NULL \
      		default '0' after isphantom;
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      Unexpand copyrights · 39110bd9
      Mike Hibler authored
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      Fix a minor problem with the solution summary, in which links with · b208fd96
      Robert Ricci authored
      zero bandwidth weren't getting printed out.
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      Add Emulab copyright notices. · b160df1a
      Russ Fish authored
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      Make it compile/work under FreeBSD 5 · a2dbb43b
      Mike Hibler authored
      (FreeBSD 4 binary won't work under FBSD5 due to ioctl change)
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