1. 17 Jun, 2008 1 commit
  2. 16 Jun, 2008 3 commits
  3. 13 Jun, 2008 8 commits
  4. 12 Jun, 2008 2 commits
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      · d5e19999
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      Bug fixes for publication support.
      Added #prep attribute in form_defs.which is a function used in
      FormValidate to "normalize" a field.  For example if it is "trim" than
      all leading and trailing whitespace will be removed.
    • Robert Ricci's avatar
      Minor patch on a very leaky boat - a fix for handling the 'static' types · 95733771
      Robert Ricci authored
      that have been added to assign since this was last run. I'm sure there are
      plenty of other new assign features it will botch.
  5. 11 Jun, 2008 4 commits
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      · 6e208b09
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      Add missing file.
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      · e7436fd8
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      Update database-create.sql from last commit.
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      · 425c4b89
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      Set the charset for all emulab pages to utf-8 which is needed to
      display foreign names correctly.  Also added three rows to table_regex:
      tinytext_utf8, text_utf8, fulltext_utf8
      Enhanced form_defs.php:
        - Add Support for Textarea
        - Add Support for a vertical list, for example see Category in
        - Add support for dumping the form values in plain text, used in the
          email I send to testbed-ops.
        - Change Error Reporting text for subfields such as in a list so
          they also include the text from the outer field, for example in
          newosid "ping" will become "OS Features, ping".  I needed this
          since some of my subfields didn't have labels and it seamed like
          the right thing to do.
        - Set #return_value to 1 in FormRenderCheckBox if it not already
        - In FormRenderSelect, if the #value is not in the list add it to
          the end.
        - Add support for "display" type, to just display some text in the
        - Possibly some other little things I forgot about.
    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Add uuids to the interfaces table. · 357df448
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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