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      Add support for auto-detecting when to create a delta image. · bc7c6e40
      Mike Hibler authored
      Uses the new-ish imagezip -P option. But first we had to get that option
      to imagezip. So the key-value interface between server and client now has
      an IZOPTS key where you can pass options to imagezip (This is now used to
      pass the -N that we have always specified as well).
      Also changed imagezip to print out a less ambiguous message when the option
      is in use, if will clearly say that it is full or delta. This matters because
      we have to parse the imagezip output on the server to figure out what kind
      of image it is!
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      Client-side script for creating versioned images. · ec664cd2
      Mike Hibler authored
      This is the replacement for create-image. Rather than puzzle out how to
      maintain backward-compat syntax while allowing all the new features in
      create-image, I just made a new script. When we don't care about backward
      compat anymore, we can just rename the script.
      Anyway, this script takes a lot more parameters (see the comment at the
      top) allow creation of full or delta images and uploading via NFS or
      frisbee. Since delta images require a signature file, there is new code
      to handle downloading (and uploading) these files. And since their size
      is measured in 10s of MB, possibly too big for the default MFS, there
      is code to create a temporary new MFS to hold them. Currently that MFS
      is 64MB which is big enough for our current generation of images (16GB FS)
      and will work on the pc600/pc850s.
      Still need to redo the boss-side of image creation (create_image, not
      to be confused with create-image...yeah, I know).