1. 08 Feb, 2019 6 commits
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      Changes to the snapshot modal as discussed on 1/21/2019: · 1de19201
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * When the profile is script based, we cannot update the profile code,
        so do not show any choices (radios), proceed as image only.
      * Remove the "new profile" (3rd) option, it appears that no one at the
        meeting knew what that was about, so clearly mere users won't. Simplify!
      * Rearrange the options (whole disk, account), together at the bottom.
      * Swap the description and the image name inputs.
      * Cleanup the help popovers and impl.
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      Another set of changes for new geni-lib parameters. · 59259db3
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * Use an emulabfeature to control what projects use the new ppwizard and
        geni-lib code. The feature is applied to the profile's project, since
        who is instantiating and what project it is instantiated into, does
        not really matter, the incompatible changes are also associated with
        the profile.
      * Run both versions of the ppwizard side by side, and flip between them
        when the user is using the profile picker.
      * The new version of geni-lib is /usr/testbed/opsdir/lib/geni-lib.new,
        we tell the genilab jail to use that directory when on the new path.
      * All of this is temporary.
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      Checkpoint new geni-lib param code, working on making it selectable · dedc6495
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      via emulab features, for testing.
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      Fix to Jacks constraint stuff: · 3c5e82d6
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Problem: A user with a reservation at one cluster, was trying to start
      an experiment at a different cluster. But after selecting the other
      cluster and clicking next, that selection was being reset to the cluster
      with the reservation, as part of our overly helpful cluster picker code,
      which is fired off in a callback from Jacks.
      Question: Why is that happening when clicking next, to go from the
      Finalize step to the Schedule step, thus silently resetting the user's
      Reason: There is a call to SwitchJacks("small") to make sure that the
      small version of the topo was visible, in case the user goes back to the
      finalize step. Not sure why ... but in any event, every call to
      SwitchJacks(large|small) results in Jacks firing that callback, and
      resetting the user's cluster choice.
      Solution: Null out the callback when calling SwitchJacks().
      There is probably a better solution to this, perhaps as part of a code
      reorg on the entire instantiate page, which has grown many appendages
      over time.
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      Make Linux ipod module use multi-hook functions instead of single-hook wrappers. · 6d85b54d
      David Johnson authored
      Kernels built with a bare CONFIG_NETFILTER and the (relatively) new
      CONFIG_TRIM_UNUSED_KSYMS (like our initramfses) have a high probability
      of the nf_(un)register_net_hook functions being elided by the unused,
      exported symbol trim pass.
      So, move to using the base, non-wrapper functions (which can accept
      multiple hooks) instead, since those aren't going to be elided.
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