Commit fcda945c authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Remove hack that created a /tftpboot/frisbee-53 directory because of an

obsolete OSID.  I have fixed the OSID, ergo, the hack is no longer needed.
parent 30ca82ef
......@@ -1335,11 +1335,6 @@ sub SetupBossNode()
mysystem("cd /tftpboot; mv frisbee${fv} frisbee");
print "Using frisbee${fv} version of disk load MFS...\n";
# XXX frisbee-53 appears in the os_info table for some images still
# XXX note: must copy, symlink won't work
mysystem("cd /tftpboot; cp -rp frisbee frisbee-53")
if ($fv ne "47");
# Have recently added a 6.2 based newnode MFS
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