Commit f9c1180b authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Convert an image server search failure into a BADARGS response, which is

the generic error code for all rspec errors, so that the Portal does
the right thing when displaying the error.
parent 307525de
......@@ -1294,7 +1294,16 @@ sub GetTicketAuxAux($)
if ($use_imagetracker) {
my $image = GeniImage::MapToLocalImage($dname, $pid);
if (GeniResponse::IsError($image)) {
# Map SEARCHFAILED to BADARGS on this path.
$response = $image;
if ($response->{'code'} ==
$response->{'code'} = GENIRESPONSE_BADARGS;
$response->{'output'} = "Could not lookup ".
"image at the image server: $dname";
goto bad;
if ($image->IsLocal() || $image->IsSystemImage()) {
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