Commit ef2e97ec authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Add interface IPs to the manifest. Not the right thing to do, but

works for now.
parent c86abaf5
......@@ -2105,6 +2105,9 @@ sub SliverWorkAux($$$$$$$)
$ifaceref->{'sliver_urn'} = $sliver->sliver_urn();
$ifaceref->{'MAC'} = $interface->mac()
if (defined($interface));
$ifaceref->{'IP'} = $interface->IP()
if (defined($interface) &&
defined($interface->IP()) && $interface->IP() ne "");
if ($sliver->SetAggregate($linkaggregate) != 0) {
$message = "Could not add link sliver $sliver to $aggregate";
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