Commit ec6a72a4 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Add tmcd commit

parent 55b431cf
stoller 2003/12/17 11:29:36 MST
Modified files:
tmcd tmcd.c
Remove code that required tmcd to run as root, and add the necessary
code to run as uid/gid nobody/nobody. I had to remove dolog(), which
was to support the oskit on the dnards, so no one will miss that!
I also removed the tar/rpm download support since we now do that via
the web interface. To support sfshostid, I had to chown/chgrp
/proj/.sfs to the nobody/nobody so that tmcd willbe able to create the
symlinks in that directory.
Revision Changes Path
1.199 +41 -429 testbed/tmcd/tmcd.c
stoller 2003/12/15 17:41:14 MST
Modified files:
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