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Changed tbpcXX > pcX . Note: this document is terribly out of date. Is

it used at all anymore, or has it been superceded by something in the
www/ directory?
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......@@ -71,8 +71,8 @@ When it finishes, you'll get something like this:
The File button is used to add a set of VLANs specified in a setup
file. See <a href="#file">here</a> for details on making this file. It
is really quite simple. First, type in the file name. Here we use
<code>t1-10.i0</code>, a file that takes machines tbpc01 through
tbpc10, and adds their first interface, i0, to a VLAN. In this way,
<code>t1-10.i0</code>, a file that takes machines pc1 through
pc10, and adds their first interface, i0, to a VLAN. In this way,
all the machines can talk to each other on thier first interface.
<p align=center>
<img src="pictures/vsnmpitvlanf1.jpg"/>
......@@ -178,7 +178,7 @@ Delta/ </pre>
[-f&lt;filename>] [-r&lt;vlan #> &lt;vlan #> ... ]</pre>
<code>snmpit</code> also understands machine names and interfaces in
the format &lt;name>:&lt;interface>, such as tbpc01:0 or tbpc03:3, in
the format &lt;name>:&lt;interface>, such as pc1:0 or pc3:3, in
place of MAC addresses. Output of known MAC addresses will also be
converted to this format. Therefore, anywhere that a MAC address is
used, you may also supply a name/interface pair.
......@@ -221,22 +221,22 @@ link2 1073c38b28fd 283bc8a82f8c
&lt;name1> &lt;MAC 1> &lt;MAC 2>
&lt;name2> &lt;MAC 3> &lt;MAC 4>
a_b tbpc01:0 tbpc02:0
a_c tbpc01:1 tbpc03:0
a_d tbpc01:2 tbpc04:0
a_e tbpc01:3 tbpc05:0
b_c tbpc02:1 tbpc03:1
b_d tbpc02:2 tbpc04:1
b_e tbpc02:3 tbpc05:1
c_d tbpc03:2 tbpc04:2
c_e tbpc03:3 tbpc05:2
d_e tbpc04:3 tbpc05:3
a_b pc1:0 pc2:0
a_c pc1:1 pc3:0
a_d pc1:2 pc4:0
a_e pc1:3 pc5:0
b_c pc2:1 pc3:1
b_d pc2:2 pc4:1
b_e pc2:3 pc5:1
c_d pc3:2 pc4:2
c_e pc3:3 pc5:2
d_e pc4:3 pc5:3
END vlan</pre>
After starting the VLAN sectiom of the file each
line should contain a VLAN name and a list of MAC addresses to be put in a
VLAN together. There should be at least two, but the actual number is
unlimited. When finished, the VLAN section is closed. As
mentioned above, the syntax "tbpcM:I" can be used where M is the
mentioned above, the syntax "pcM:I" can be used where M is the
machine number, and I is the interface, from 0 to 3. The demonstration above
shows a fully connected graph with 5 nodes.
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