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Added some stuff to keep the database correct. I.e. you have to set the

type for Control interface wire, and you need to specify the 'port' as
well as 'card' on interfaces (the default is usually wrong).
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......@@ -55,13 +55,20 @@ C. What to do on boss:
1. Insert entries into interfaces table using info from A(1). Try:
insert into interfaces (node_id,card,MAC,IP,iface) values
insert into interfaces (node_id,card,port,MAC,IP,iface) values
2. Insert entries into wires table using info from A(2). Try:
insert into wires (node_id1,card1,port1,node_id2,card2,port2) values
For the control interface do:
insert into wires (type,node_id1,card1,port1,node_id2,card2,port2)
values ("Control","pcN",0,1,"ciscoX",5,1)
Check to make sure your cards and ports match up with what you
entered in the interfaces table.
3. Insert entry into outlets table, using info from A(3). Try:
insert into outlets (node_id, power_id, outlet) values
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