Commit ce3ff768 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Change NSE osid from hardwired FBSD-NSE, to use the jail osid for the

node type, but allow it to be overridden with tb-set-jail-os().
parent 2d40a5d4
......@@ -2135,7 +2135,15 @@ sub InitPnode($pnode, $vnode)
# XXX NSE hack: if the vnode is simulated, we just
# choose FBSD-NSE and static routing
if (virtnodeisvnode($vnode) && virtnodeissim($vnode)) {
# We can use the Jail hosting OSID for NSE now, but allow override.
if (defined($jail_osid)) {
$osid = $jail_osid;
else {
$osid = nodejailosid(physnodetype($pnode));
DBQueryFatal("UPDATE nodes set def_boot_cmd_line=''," .
" startstatus='none'," .
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