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messages. To clear the arp entry (actually the whole cache), enable at
the Router> prompt and then do "clear arp".
6. Replacing a node/NIC
If you replace a node, you'll need to change the secure MAC address for that port.
The following command should work:
Console> (enable) set port security 3/1 enable 01-02-03-04-05-06
Of course, use the real port number and MAC address (noting the funky MAC
syntax). Note that you will proably also need to use the 'Sticky ARP Entry'
clearing procedure covered above.
7. Checking on port security
To find out what MAC address(es) are associated with a given port. use:
Console> (enable) show port security <port>
To find out if a given port has been disabled for being a Bad Boy (tm) w/
respect to MAC addresses, use:
Console> (enable) show port <port>
- the state will be 'disabled', and you should see some information on the
security violation
To re-enable a port after it has been disabled due to security violations:
Console> (enable) set port enable <port>
To disable security for a port:
Console> (enable) set port security <port> disable
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