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. configure
www deleteimageid.php3 showstuff.php3
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Add "killmode" to frisbeelauncher to kill a running frisbee for an
imageid. Uses new slot in the images table (frisbee_pid) to track
running frisbee daemon for an image so that it can be killed from
create-image (kill before creating new image) and from the web page
before deleting an imageid.
Revision Changes Path
1.100 +2 -2 testbed/tbsetup/
1.15 +164 -40 testbed/tbsetup/
1.197 +1 -1 testbed/configure
1.204 +1 -1 testbed/
1.22 +11 -0 testbed/utils/
1.7 +7 -1 testbed/www/deleteimageid.php3
1.125 +19 -0 testbed/www/showstuff.php3
stoller 2004/01/12 09:18:41 MST
Modified files:
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