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note on ports that need to be installed

and on my trouble with one flash dongle
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......@@ -52,6 +52,10 @@ directory (installed as /FOO/etc/rc.d/cdroot) to use "cp -rp" instead.
Create /FOO/usr/local/lib and copy in, which is needed
by wget, unless you go and reconfig it to statically link.
In addition to wget, there are a few other ports that need to be installed.
perl5, sudo and the dhcpd-client port (the last is used in place of the
pre-installed BSD version of dhclient).
We use a special, modified version of the FreeBSD second-level boot loader
(loader) which supports a local 'testbed_boot' command. This can be
found in
......@@ -103,6 +107,10 @@ with 32K or 64K. You may want to play around with lowering the number of
inodes (-i) in newfs as well; there are only about 8000 files in our
current FS.
[ WARNING: on at least one PQI flash drive, when I tried to create the dd
image with blocksize of 16k or 8k, it read bogus data (bytes of -1 which
should have been 0s). When read with a block size of 4k or smaller it
worked. This is distressing since the filesystem will read 16k blocks. ]
*** Test the dongle
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