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Basic plan and TODO list for switching over to new IP subnets/VLAN plan

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The Master Plan (tm) for moving to our new IP subnets:
* Mail users explaining downtime
* Fix hardcoded things in datbase/files (see Leigh's mail for list)
* Set up experimental simulation on test Cisco
* Save configurations on ciscos 1 and 2
* Put Netcomm port in own VLAN, enable, set up routing in Cisco2
* Move plastic to new VLAN, change IP, route
* Move paper to new VLAN, change IP, rotue
* Move control network ports to new VLAN, reboot testbed machines
***** IP addresses to change
* Paper's .214 interface becomes .128 - Fix local routing table
* Plastic's .214 interface becomes .129 - Fix routing
* Cisco1's IP interface (becomes a .128)
* Cisco2's IP interface (becomes a .128, in VLAN 666)
* Cisco4's IP interface (becomes a .128)
* All testbed nodes become .132's (in dchp and proxydhcp config)
***** Misc things to do
* Set up the UDP helper port to forward from the control VLAN to
* Get DNS records (forward and reverse) to agree with new setup
* Generate new SSL certificate for paper?
***** VLANs to create
* Outside: Consists only of cable running to outside router and a fake router interface
* Private: Already exists as VLAN 666 - Add paper's interface (3/25) to this
(Power controllers are 4/30-44 (evens)) and cisco1 (4/23) and cisco4 (4/2)
* Public: For now, just plastic's interface (3/23) and router
* Control: All tbpcs (3/1-20,3/29-48), router, temporarily 214 net wire (4/27)
***** Some kludges to get around potential problems
* Paper and plastic should be able to keep their .212 interfaces for an
indefine period of time
* Paper can get a .130 interface temporarily if the 'UDP helper' port (for
DHCP) is problematic
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