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Add an UPDATING file, FreeBSD-style, to record updates external to

our source and DB that need to be made on boss and ops. Things like
changes to ports or system configuration files should go into this
parent a146c5f2
Information necessary for keeping boss and ops node up-to-date. This
file contains updates that must be made outside of the database and
the intall tree (ie. /usr/testbed).
This file is in the same format at the FreeBSD UPDATING file, whis is
to say, in reverse chronological order, with the date of the change
in YYYYMMDD format.
The mod_php4 port on boss should be recompiled with the
'xmlrpc' option, in addition to the 'mhash' option already
used. Apache on boss will need to be restarted after the new
port is installed.
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