Commit b87d7501 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Remove previous debugging change.

Make sure that the repo subir does not already exist, and remove it;
indictes a failed stop run and we do not want to import into an
existing records directory!
parent 145c37cd
......@@ -526,7 +526,7 @@ if (defined($instance->runidx())) {
my $exptidx = $instance->exptidx();
my $instance_dir = $instance->path();
my $cvsdir = "$projroot/$pid/templates/$guid/cvsrepo";
my $tmpdir = "$projroot/$pid/templates/$guid/cvstmp.$$";
my $cvssubdir = "$guid/records/$exptidx,$runidx";
my $tag = "R${exptidx}-${runidx}_import";
my $instance_tag = "I${exptidx}";
my $xmlfile = "$instance_dir/info.xml";
......@@ -536,6 +536,12 @@ if (defined($instance->runidx())) {
if ($STAMPS) {
$instance->Stamp("template_exprun", "cvs stuff starting");
# If the repo subdir exists, it is likely left over from a previous
# attempt to stop the run, that failed for some reason. Kill it.
if (-e "$cvsdir/$cvssubdir") {
fatal(-1, "Could not remove old $cvsdir/$cvssubdir")
if (System("/bin/rm -rf $cvsdir/$cvssubdir"));
fatal(-1, "Could not generate XML description for $oldrun")
if (GenXML($instance, $xmlfile, \@symlinklist) != 0);
......@@ -547,9 +553,9 @@ if (defined($instance->runidx())) {
# This imports the experiment directory into the records subdir.
System("cd $instance_dir; ".
"$CVSBIN -t -d $cvsdir import -I 'datastore' ".
"$CVSBIN -d $cvsdir import -I 'datastore' ".
" -m 'Import record for run $this_runid' ".
" $guid/records/$exptidx,$runidx ${tag}_branch $tag")
" $cvssubdir ${tag}_branch $tag")
== 0 or fatal(-1, "Could not import new record into $cvsdir");
......@@ -562,18 +568,14 @@ if (defined($instance->runidx())) {
# No keyword subst.
System("$FIND $cvsdir/$guid/records/$exptidx,$runidx ".
System("$FIND $cvsdir/$cvssubdir ".
" -name '*,v' -print -exec $RCS -q -kb '{}' \\;")
== 0 or fatal(-1, "Could not set -kb in $cvsdir");
# And kill the temp dir.
System("/bin/rm -rf $tmpdir");
# Now tag it with the same tag that was applied for the instance.
# Apply to the branch tag directly instead of symbolically since that
# does not work properly for some reason.
System("$CVSBIN -d $cvsdir rtag -n -r 1.1.1 ".
" $instance_tag $guid/records/$exptidx,$runidx")
System("$CVSBIN -d $cvsdir rtag -n -r 1.1.1 $instance_tag $cvssubdir")
== 0 or fatal(-1, "Could not rtag new record in $cvsdir");
if ($STAMPS) {
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