Commit b85bfc91 authored by Jonathon Duerig's avatar Jonathon Duerig
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parent 11d41ac6
......@@ -3,9 +3,9 @@
export EXTRA_LIB_PATH=/home/duerig/metis/metis-4.0
export EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH=/home/duerig/metis/metis-4.0/Lib/
#g++ -O3 -c -o tmp/ipassign.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
#g++ -O3 -c -o tmp/bitmath.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
#g++ -O3 -c -o tmp/Assigner.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
g++ -O3 -c -o tmp/ipassign.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
g++ -O3 -c -o tmp/bitmath.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
g++ -O3 -c -o tmp/Assigner.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
g++ -O3 -c -o tmp/ConservativeAssigner.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
g++ -O3 -c -o tmp/Framework.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
g++ -O3 -c -o tmp/HostRouter.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
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