Commit b499d505 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb
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Don't try to set the duplex in the Comware module.

Makes for an unhappy switch, at least for the Moonshot.
parent 18cf02bd
......@@ -2268,9 +2268,9 @@ my %h3c_cmdOIDs =
"1000mbit"=> ["hh3cifEthernetSpeed","S10000M"],
"100mbit"=> ["hh3cifEthernetSpeed","S100M"],
"10mbit" => ["hh3cifEthernetSpeed","S10M"],
"auto" => ["hh3cifEthernetDuplex","auto"],
"full" => ["hh3cifEthernetDuplex","full"],
"half" => ["hh3cifEthernetDuplex","half"],
#"auto" => ["hh3cifEthernetDuplex","auto"],
#"full" => ["hh3cifEthernetDuplex","full"],
#"half" => ["hh3cifEthernetDuplex","half"],
sub readifIndex($) {
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