Commit afabc26d authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb
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Forgot a couple of changes in the os/imagzip dir

parent 47962f80
......@@ -31,10 +31,11 @@ UNZIPLIBS = $(LIBS) $(PTHREADLIBS)
ifeq ($(WITH_NTFS),1)
CC = gcc30
INCS = -I$(SRCDIR)/ntfs/extra_bsd_includes \
-I$(SRCDIR)/ntfs/linux-ntfs/include \
-Intfs/linux-ntfs -I$(SRCDIR)
-I$(SRCDIR)/liblocale/include \
-Intfs/libntfs/ntfsprogs/include \
LIBS += -Lntfs -lntfs
LIBS += -Lntfs -lntfs -llocale
NTFSDIR = ntfs
#ifndef __imagezip_linux_types_h__
#define __imagezip_linux_types_h__
typedef unsigned char __u8;
typedef signed char __s8;
typedef signed long long __s64;
typedef unsigned long long __u64;
typedef signed short __s16;
typedef unsigned short __u16;
typedef signed long __s32;
typedef unsigned long __u32;
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