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4. Sit back and wait.
The test directory holds the following files:
tbobj/ A configured/built object tree.
install/ An installed tree.
tests/ Holds individual test files.
test.log Main log of everything.
nsfile.ns The NS file used.
* Any files created by tbsetup stuff.
test.log Master log file. Output of tbtest.
configure.log Log of 'configure'
build.log Log of 'gmake'
install.log Log of 'gmake boss-install'
postinstall.log Log of 'gmake post-install'
createdb.log Log of creating test DB.
fill.log Log of filling test DB.
clear.log Log of clearing experiments from test DB.
clean.txt Dump of clean test DB.
dbdump.txt Dump of real database.
defs Defs file used for configure.
Note: createdb.log, fill.log, and cleanup.log are empty when no errors
Advanced: To run all tests with a special DB setup you can do 'tbtest
init' and then replace 'clean.txt' with a dump of the DB of your
choice. 'clean.txt' is loaded into the test DB before every test run.
Adding Tests
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