Commit a71a1c99 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Bump wait times cause XEN nodes take longer to reload and

boot. Need a better way to figure out wait times based on
the host OS.
parent b583de6d
......@@ -1709,15 +1709,15 @@ sub Volunteers($)
# as a function of the number of vnodes on the parent pnode.
my $osinfo = $node->_bootosinfo();
my $reboot_time = $osinfo->reboot_waittime() || 15;
my $reboot_time = $osinfo->reboot_waittime() || 90;
# The wait times are totally bogus! Need a better way to do this.
$node->_maxwait($reboot_time + (90 * $pnode->_vnodecount()));
$node->_maxwait($reboot_time + (120 * $pnode->_vnodecount()));
# Add some time if the node is getting a reload. Also bogus.
$node->_maxwait($node->_maxwait() + 300)
$node->_maxwait($node->_maxwait() + 500)
if ($node->_reloaded());
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