Commit a62bd59b authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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If no agents are specified (and thus no UID given), call "tmcc creator"

to get a UID to use.
parent 4ce998a8
......@@ -143,6 +143,29 @@ sub doboot()
unlink $CONFIG;
# We want to run program-agent even if there are currently no
# registered agents. But to do that, we need a UID which we
# get from the TMCC creator command. Note that if we do not
# get a UID, we just exit normally without starting the agent.
# This is backward compatible and enables us to boot up unallocated
# nodes (though I am not sure they would ever reach this script).
if (@agents == 0) {
my @tmccresults;
if (tmcc(TMCCCMD_CREATOR, undef, \@tmccresults) < 0) {
fatal("Could not get UID for progagent from server!");
if ($tmccresults[0] =~ / SWAPPER=([-\w]*)/) {
push(@agents, "UID=$1\n");
} elsif ($tmccresults[0] =~ /^CREATOR=([-\w]*)/) {
push(@agents, "UID=$1\n");
} else {
warning("Cannot determine UID for program agent, not running");
# Write the data to the file. The rc script will interpret it.
# Note that one of the lines (the first) indicates what user to
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