Commit a2d3b470 authored by Russell Daniel Christensen's avatar Russell Daniel Christensen
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Bug Fix: When creating an NTFS image if pagefile.sys or

swapfile.sys does not exist don't abort with an error message anymore.
parent 5d808cca
......@@ -1233,13 +1233,16 @@ ntfs_skipfile(ntfs_volume *vol, char *filename, u_int32_t offset)
File = ntfs_inode_lookup_by_name(ni_root, ufilename, ulen);
if(IS_ERR_MREF(File)) {
perror("ntfs_inode_lookup_by_name failed");
if (debug > 1) {
fprintf(stderr, "%s does not exist so there is no need "
"to skip the file.\n", filename);
ufilename = NULL;
if(debug) fprintf(stderr,"vol->nr_mft_records==%lld\n",
if(debug > 1 ) fprintf(stderr,"vol->nr_mft_records==%lld\n",
/*Goal: Skip the file*/
if(!(ni = ntfs_inode_open(vol, File))) {
perror("calling ntfs_inode_open (0)");
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