Commit a0f96883 authored by Chad Barb's avatar Chad Barb
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Another Jay-requested feature:

When a user tries to create an imageid without
specifying a node to suck the image from, they are given
a warning screen explaining their situation,
with "confirm" and "back" buttons.

(also made the confirmation mechanism general so if we
 need to add more warning conditions, it'll be no problem.)
parent fd111f76
......@@ -842,6 +842,60 @@ if (count($errors)) {
# See if the user is trying anything funky.
# If so, we run this twice.
# The first time we are checking for a confirmation
# by putting up a form (we tramp their settings through
# hidden variables). The next time through the confirmation will be
# set. Or, the user can hit the 'back' button,
# which will respit the form with their old values still filled in.
if ($cancelled) {
SPITFORM($formfields, 0);
$confirmationWarning = "";
# If user doesn't define a node to suck the image from,
# we seek confirmation.
if (! isset($node)) {
$confirmationWarning .=
"<h2>You have not defined a node from which to load the image!
If you do not specify such a node,
you will have to use <code>create_image</code> on <i>ops</i> to
load an image to the Image Descriptor you are creating.
Continue only if this is what you want.</h2>";
# Generic confirmation-seeker.
if (!isset($confirmed) && 0 != strcmp($confirmationWarning,"")) {
echo "<center><br />$confirmationWarning<br />";
echo "<form action='newimageid_ez.php3' method=post>";
# tramp all of their settings along.
while (list($key, $value) = each($formfields)) {
echo "<input type=hidden name=\"formfields[$key]\" value=\"$value\"></input>\n";
echo "<input type=hidden name='submit' value='Submit'>\n";
echo "<input type=submit name=confirmed value=Confirm>&nbsp;";
echo "<input type=submit name=cancelled value=Back>\n";
echo "</form></center>";
# For the rest, sanitize and convert to locals to make life easier.
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