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Add a note to the overview about instructions for building a Windows XP image from scratch.

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......@@ -67,6 +67,14 @@ Microsoft <i>Windows XP</i> is now supported as one of the operating system
types for experiment nodes in Emulab, in addition to FreeBSD and Linux.
<a href="../kb-show.php3?xref_tag=SWS-WIN2K">Windows 2000</a> is not supported. <p>
<div style="margin-left: 40px;"> <b>NOTE:</b> This page describes using an
existing "managed" Windows XP image in an Emulab testbed, and <a
href="#Custom_images">making user-customized versions</a> which contain
additional software and configuration changes. If you are a testbed
administrator who wants to make a new Windows XP image from scratch, you will
have a copy of the Emulab sources, and should consult the file
<code>testbed/tmcd/cygwinxp/xpimage-notes.txt</code> for details.</div> <p>
As much as possible, we have left Windows XP "stock". Some Windows services
are shut down: Messenger, SSDP Discovery Service, Universal Plug and Play
Device Host, and Remote Registry. Other setting changes are described under
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