Commit 895a7e94 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Minor fix to ramdisk fixing code.

parent 4957bc04
......@@ -675,10 +675,11 @@ sub vnodeCreate($$$$)
# If this is an Ubuntu ramdisk, we have to make sure it
# will boot as a XEN guest.
# will boot as a XEN guest, by changing the ramdisk. YUCK!
if ($imagemetadata->{'PARTOS'} =~ /ubuntu/i ||
$imagename =~ /ubuntu/i) {
$imagename =~ /ubuntu/i ||
system("strings $kernel | grep -q -i ubuntu") == 0) {
if (FixRamFs($vnode_id, $ramdisk)) {
fatal("xen_vnodeCreate: Failed to fix ramdisk");
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