Commit 7b5c3146 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb

First checkin of a document listing the various failure modes observed while
dealing with the PLC programmatic API (some dslice ones are listed too).

This is mostly a brain dump, I've probably missed a few, and will go back and
audit swapin logs looking for more.
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Observed Failure modes in the Plantelab programmatic interface
* Improperly initialized vservers; broken passwd file
* No vserver setup at all; vserver creation race
* Incomplete dslice service deployment (coverage not 100%)
PLC (where do we start :)
* NodeID is a moving target
There is no one identifier that is gauranteed to remain fixed in the PLC
database for any particular node. Node index, IP, and hostname can and
have been observed to change (sometimes two simultaneously).
* Disappearing slices
We have seen slices simply cease to exist before they have expired.
* Renewal mechanism does not enforce stated policy limits on duration.
Leases can be pushed far into the future despite the state two month
maximum (enforced by the PLC web interface, but not the prog API).
* InstantiateSliver(): "node is not responding"
The reason behind this is not always clear. Our three try redundancy
doesn't seem to help in this case, though trying perhaps five minutes later
sometimes succeeds.
* InstantiateSliver(): indefinite hang
We've seen this one often; a call to IS simply hangs and doesn't return in
a reasonable amount of time (we've let the call sit for an hour at most).
Seems to imply a lack of robustness in the IS semantics (duh..)
* InstantiateSliver(): "error"
A grossly defined condition that is often recoverable upon trying the
operation again after a few second delay.
* Inaccessible slivers:
Newly created slivers are not always accessible via ssh. Access is simply
denied, even though the node is listed as a member of the slice in PLC. This
condition is rarely seen.
* Delayed sliver reaping leads to dirty reassignment:
If an attempt is made to create a sliver on a particular node for a
particular slice on which the sliver was recently (< 20 minutes)
deallocated, the deallocated, "dirty" sliver will be reinstated into
the slice instead of a pristine, newly created vserver.
* Disappearing Slivers
Sometimes slivers in a particular slice will be blown away and replaced by
clean vservers, destroying any OOB data/state previously setup in the sliver.
* Incomplete sliver setup:
Even after InstantiateSliver() returns successfully for a particular
sliver, there are times when the sliver is not accessible via ssh.
Its likely that boss' public key did not properly get associated, or
the sliver didn't actually get created. There are likely other
failures that can be attributed to this problem which I have not
identified here.
* Disappearing Nodes:
As PLC has no callback mechanisms to alert users of changes in node status,
the occasional PLC node ID change or removal will cause the corresponding
sliver to get silently yanked out from under the slice.
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