Commit 6fd62840 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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Add special code for printing out trunks, since they don't normally

get put into the $Ports{} hash by snmpit_lib

This is just a placeholder: I'll have to put code in later to print
out a more interesting representation for trunks.
parent 06ce0872
......@@ -1303,12 +1303,15 @@ sub listVlans($) {
my ($name,$ifIndex,$status) = @$rowref;
$self->debug("Got $name $ifIndex $status\n",3);
if ($status ne "trunking") { next;}
my ($node) = $self->convertPortFormat($PORT_FORMAT_NODEPORT,$ifIndex);
if (!$node) {
my ($modport) = $self->convertPortFormat($PORT_FORMAT_MODPORT,$ifIndex);
$modport =~ s/\./\//;
$node = $self->{NAME} . ".$modport";
# XXX: This should really print out something more useful, like the
# other end of the trunk
my $node = $self->{NAME} . ".trunk$ifIndex";
#my ($node) = $self->convertPortFormat($PORT_FORMAT_NODEPORT,$ifIndex);
#if (!$node) {
# my ($modport) = $self->convertPortFormat($PORT_FORMAT_MODPORT,$ifIndex);
# $modport =~ s/\./\//;
# $node = $self->{NAME} . ".$modport";
# Get the existing bitfield for allowed VLANs on this trunk
my $vlan_number = -1;
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