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Improve a crucial comment.

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......@@ -33,7 +33,10 @@ def ptOffset(p, v, scale=1.0): # Any dimension.
def ptBlend(p1, p2, t=0.5): # Any dimension.
return ptOffset(p1, vecFrom2Pts(p1, p2), t)
# Line - Line equation is Ax+By+C, == 0 on the line, positive inside.
# Line - Line equation is Bx-Ay+C, == 0 on the line, positive inside.
# [A,B] is a vector perpendicular to the line, positive to the right.
# Notice that this is not the Ax+By+C form you learned in Algebra class.
# It makes for efficient calculation of the distance from a point to a line.
class Line:
# Construct a line through two points.
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