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Instructions for updating to mysql 5.0 from a source tarball, to be

used remote sites still running ancient FreebSD 4.10.
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......@@ -18,6 +18,55 @@ Note that some instructions may have steps that need to occur at a few
different points in the install process - these are marked with the
earliest time one of the steps needs to occur.
20061201: Time to upgrade your mysql ... If you are still running
FreeBSD 4.10 on your boss node, then you are almost certainly
running an ancient version of mysql (3.23). In lieu of upgrading
to FreeBSD 6.1 (the "right" solution, albiet very time
consuming), you can upgrade your mysql in place. Here is how:
* Grab this file from our website and place it someplace on your
boss node with at least 250MB of disk space:
* Unpack it:
cd someplace
tar zxf mysql-5.0.27.tar.gz
* Configure:
cd mysql-5.0.27
./configure --localstatedir=/var/db/mysql \
--without-debug \
--with-readline \
--without-libedit \
--without-bench \
--without-extra-tools \
--with-libwrap \
--with-mysqlfs \
--with-low-memory \
--with-comment='FreeBSD build for Emulab' \
* Build and install:
sudo make install
* You want to grab a new version of this file from emulab:
and place it in your testbed source directory, in the rc.d
subdir. Then go to your object tree, cd into the rc.d
directory and type gmake. You probably just want to copy the
new file out to /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ instead of doing an
* Reboot your boss node.
20060831: needs to be patched on boss
This needs to be done before installing rev 1.254 of db/
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