Commit 67cb051c authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

A really twisted fix for routing from inside a lan. There is no set

way to determine the lan that both the source and nexthop are a part
of.  find_link() only works when there is a duplex link from source to
nexthop. If its a lan, do some ugly stuff.
parent b4991b11
......@@ -142,6 +142,23 @@ Node instproc add_lanlink {lanlink} {
return [expr [llength $portlist] - 1]
# Find the lan that both nodes are attached to. Very bad. If more than
# comman lan, returns the first.
Node instproc find_commonlan {node} {
$self instvar portlist
set match -1
foreach ll $portlist {
set match [$node find_port $ll]
if {$match != -1} {
return $match
# ip port
# ip port ip
# In the first form this returns the IP address associated with the port.
......@@ -208,12 +225,28 @@ Node instproc add_routes_to_DB {DB} {
foreach dst [lsort [array names routelist]] {
set hop $routelist($dst)
set port -1
# Convert hop IP address.
# Convert hop to IP address. Need to find the link between the
# the this node and the hop. This is easy if its a link. If its
# a lan, then its ugly.
set hoplink [$sim find_link $self $hop]
if {$hoplink == {}} {
set port [$self find_commonlan $hop]
} else {
set port [$hop find_port $hoplink]
if {$port == -1} {
perror "\[add-route] Cannot find a link from $self to $hop!"
set hopip [$hop ip $port]
# Convert dst to IP address.
set hopip [$hop ip [$hop find_port [$sim find_link $self $hop]]]
switch -- [$dst info class] {
"Node" {
if {[llength [$dst set portlist]] != 1} {
......@@ -232,6 +265,10 @@ Node instproc add_routes_to_DB {DB} {
set dstip [$dst get_subnet]
set type "net"
"Lan" {
set dstip [$dst get_subnet]
set type "net"
unknown {
perror "\[add-route] Bad argument. Must be a node or a link."
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