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Add syslog.conf setup info.

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......@@ -97,6 +97,32 @@ Here's an example exports.head file from one of our ops nodes:
filesystem. You'll need a line for each filesystem that contains these
three directories.)
##### Step 5B - syslog setup.
You need to add some lines to /etc/syslog.conf.
Put this one after the ftp line:
# For Testbed user activity logging /var/log/logins
Put this one at the end:
*.* /var/log/capture.log
Then create the files:
sudo touch /var/log/logins
sudo chmod 640 /var/log/logins
sudo touch /var/log/capture.log
sudo chmod 640 /var/log/capture.log
Then restart syslog:
sudo kill -HUP `cat /var/run/`
##### Step 6 - Capture setup
If you don't have serial lines for all the nodes, you can skip this step.
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