Commit 63188274 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Fix links that were causing ajax calls to be bypassed.

parent b903a190
......@@ -428,16 +428,16 @@ $bodyclosestring = "<script type='text/javascript'>SET_DHTML();</script>\n";
echo "<div width=\"100%\" align=center>\n";
echo "<ul id=\"topnavbar\">\n";
echo "<li>
<a href=\"${this_url}&show=vis\"
<a href=\"#A\"
style=\"background-color:white\" ".
"id=\"li_vis\" onclick=\"Show('vis');\">".
echo "<li>
<a href=\"${this_url}&show=nsfile\"
<a href=\"#B\"
id=\"li_nsfile\" onclick=\"Show('nsfile');\">".
"NS File</a></li>\n";
echo "<li>
<a href=\"${this_url}&show=graph\"
<a href=\"#C\"
id=\"li_graph\" onclick=\"Show('graph');\">".
echo "</ul>\n";
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